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Models 09-04-07 01:05
Not that fuckable. Am I wrong?
Too skinny, lack of appropriately sized um...good parts...
huh 06-03-07 22:09
So, I didn't blog for a long time, to be honest I got bored of the site and the crappy new look, but yeah I got sucked back in.
Speaking of, stalking people on elowel and all, how interconnected is everyone? I mean there is some bad she-slept-with-my-boyfriend, im-purging-my-lying-cheating-ways kinda shit around here...funny thing is how many people share this space but still keep at each other. - like springer, but you have to read.
hi 03-14-07 00:29
hi i'm new...oh wait, that's been done for me...
Hello, 03-14-07 00:28
Hello my name is catswitch. I'm new to elowel.